Which are the most popular travel credit cards available in America?

The travel credit card is increasingly becoming popular across the world for the exciting benefits it offers regarding points accrued that may be redeemed or used to subsidise air travel, accommodation or dining, both within and outside the country.

Here are some of the top rated travel credit cards currently available in the USA. Do remember that the offers and deals extended to card owners by the issuing agencies may vary from time to time.

Among the most preferred travel credit cards is the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card which offers you a signing up bonus of 54,000 reward points when you spend a minimum of US$ 4000 in the first three months of owning the card. The Sapphire Reserve card has a steep annual fee of US$ 450; the card offers a broad range of travel benefits such as a travel credit of US$ 300, a significant global entry/TSA pre check credit and preferred customer status with several rental cars businesses. Further, the conversion into points/miles per dollar spent is 3X, which is an obvious benefit to using this card.

Chase’s Ink Business Preferred Card comes with an annual fee of US$95 but a huge signing up bonus of 80,000 points for spending US$ 5000 in the first three months. Among other things, the provision of employee add on cards is free and foreign transaction fees are entirely waived, making this an excellent choice for small businesses that require their employees to travel frequently.

American Express’ Platinum Card is another favourite on the list of top rated travel credit cards in America. This card offers a signing up bonus of 60,000 points for a minimum spend of US$5000 in the first three months. Other benefits include transferable reward points to over 20 hotel chains and airlines, a monthly Uber credit and access to specific airline lounges.

The Business Platinum Card from American Express gives you 75,000 bonus points in the first three months, to which points continue to be added every time you cross US$ 10,000 in spends in the first quarter. It also offers 5X reward points when you make a prepaid hotel booking or reserve your flights through Amex Travels.