Various types of supplemental insurance plans

The coverage loopholes left by your health insurance plan are filled in by supplemental insurance. Many different types of supplemental insurance plans are available to support health issues. Supplementary insurance can be bought either directly from the supplement insurance company or from an agent. No matter what, supplemental insurance which is a collection of mini insurance plans that are sprinkled over your regular health insurance is a boon to the healthcare coverage of your family. You can always research about supplemental insurance companies Medicare provider and also compare Medicare supplemental insurance plans.

The various types of supplemental insurance are as follows:

  • Critical illness insurance: As the name suggests, this type of insurance provides coverage for cancer, organ transplants, strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure and more.
  • Accident insurance: In case you are injured in an accident, then the accident insurance pays you lump-sum cash.
  • Hospital insurance: This is a worthy investment as even a night stay in the hospital can work up to a bill of $4000.
  • Fixed Indemnity insurance: This type of insurances covers you’re out of the pocket expenses with cash benefits paid directly to you.
  • Disability insurance: If you become too sick to continue working then the Disability insurance helps retain some of your income. Some disability plans pay out only for illness whereas there are some others that pay out for both illness and injuries.
  • Long Term Care insurance: This insurance helps to protect your assets and it also gives you more choice and control when you need long term care.
  • Life insurance: In the event of one’s death a sum of money is paid out to the beneficiary. Dental insurance: Majority of health plans do not include dental insurance as it isn’t mandatory by the ACA. For children however dental insurance is a required benefit by the ACA and is therefore included in most plans.