The best mints to buy silver bars

There are mints all over the world that create and distribute silver bars. Several mints that create silver bars are A-Mark, Asahi, Atlantis mint, Geiger, Engelhard, Highland Mint, Johnson Matthey and Silvertowne. But Engelhard is perhaps the most well-known minter of them all. They have been in business for over twenty years and are recognized as the most renowned brands in the entire bullion industry. The desire and the demand to buy silver bars from Engelhard brand is so high that the value of these bars is even higher than the value of silver coins.

A-Mark is a metal trading company located in Santa Monica, California. They started small but have grown to be one of America’s largest distributors of gold, silver, and platinum. The 10oz A-Mark silver bar is the most popular product of this company.

Asahi is one the newest companies to enter into the precious metals industry. They have quickly moved to meet distributor’s demands of gold and silver bars. Asahi Refining facilities first started with the production of the 100oz silver bars featuring a rustic and simple design. Each silver bar is stamped weight, purity and assayer’s mark of the brand.

Geiger Edelmetalle is the producer of the popular security line of silver bars. This is an esteemed German mint that has made a mark on the US precious metal industry. The unique part about this mint is that they offer as small as 1 gram to a huge 100oz bar with a wide variety of sizes in between to people who want to buy silver bars

The Highland mint although widely known for minting official sports coins and medallions, they do make silver bullion products for distributors. There a wide range of silver bars made by the company and they ensure uniqueness with all their products. Their state of art facility is located in Melbourne, Florida. The 10oz horse silver bars featuring galloping horses are trendy.

Silver bars are made in many other mines as well and it makes for wise decision to buy silver bars for investment purposes.