Reach out to the best mortgage lenders

When it comes to choosing the best mortgage lenders in the country to borrow money to buy that dream house, there are a few who have held their ground and proved time and again at being the best mortgage lenders in quality as well as service. Scroll down to take a peek at the best mortgage lenders:

  • Bank of America home loans: The unveiling of the Home Navigator System an online tool that is designed to make the whole process of applying for a home loan really simple is what took Bank of America to the top of the list of being one of the best mortgage lenders around. Users can even track their application and submit documents electronically. They also have a scheme called the Affordable Loan Solution Mortgage which allows the home buyers to reduce the amount of money needed for the down payment.
  • Chase Mortgage: Chase offers broad lending options. Customers can pick any mortgage option that would suit their needs like their 15- to 30- year loans, Jumbo loans VA loans, ARM mortgages and more. They also offer online tools for simple and easier loan management.
  • Citi Mortgage: Home ownership Preservation was created by Citi to provide home owners access to counselors that could help to prevent the loss of their home. Citi also offers personalized product selection through Citi Mortgage Selector.
  • Flagstar Bancorp: Flagstar is ranked one of the top mortgage lenders as they offer a wide variety of mortgage rates and products. They are highly dedicated to providing lending options at competitively low rates. Flagstar offers financial hardship programs.
  • Lending Tree: The key to the growth of the Lending tree as a mortgage lender is its simplicity and ease-of-use. They have a variety of products, and they also access mortgage lender reviews from previous borrowers.
  • U.S Bank: They are the best mortgage lenders for first-time buyers as they have educational resources and in-depth guides that will help them understand the whole process better.