Questions on dental plans and medicare answered

What are the costs that are covered under Medicare?
Medicare is a medical insurance policy that has four parts.
Part A covers a specified percentage of essential hospitalization expenses or expenses incurred when availing professional nursing services. The policy requires you to pay a monthly premium that would be dependent on the sum insured.
Part B of Medicare covers some of the cost of necessary medical interventions, laboratory investigations, doctors’ professional charges, costs of renting or buying medical equipment for a patient.
Under Part C is a provision that permits private insurance companies to provide Medicare benefits to the person who holds the insurance policy
Part D incurs portions of the expenses incurred for drugs prescribed for long term use for out patients in a medical facility.

Does Medicare cover dental care?
Medicare does not cover most of the routine expenses incurred with the maintenance of good dental health such as fillings, fixing of dentures, tooth extractions, and general cleanings. Usually, dental insurance coverage offered under Medicare is limited to any dental check up that is mandated before a major surgery or dental issues that arise in connection with a stay in a hospital during or after some treatment. In some cases, if you require hospitalization due to tooth infection you have developed after an extraction procedure, you may receive some degree of coverage under Medicare.

Does Medicare cover my dental implants?
Most original Medicare plans do not provide insurance coverage for any routine dental procedure including implants. In such a case, a Medicare advantage plan may be more beneficial. What Medicare plan will cover my dental needs?

Original Medicare plans is a dental plan medicare does not cover routine dental needs such as extractions, fillings, cleanings, denture fittings and so on. You would be well advised to speak to your insurance advisor regarding taking out a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers you partial coverage of specific dental requirements. Medicare Advantage Plans offer you all the basic coverage that the original Medicare plan does, with the additional benefit of specific coverage including specified dental expenses.
You can check some Medigap dental plans available and check what is covered in them and what isn’t.