Popular luxury cars from 2016

Luxury cars have it all. They are high quality, good looking models that are a sign of lavish lifestyle. They sure come at a great price, but they are truly worth that price as they offer ultimate facilities. Here is a list of five luxurious cars that blow our minds.

  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    C-Class is one of the most affordable cars in the Mercedes-Benz segment. It is also the best selling luxury car in America. It is powered by turbocharged 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and 8-cylinder engines. It has All-wheel drive option also available. This plug0in hybrid variant supplies 20 miles of pure-electric driving range. In 2016, 23, 579 Mercedes-Benz C-Class were sold.
  • BMW 3 Series
    In the year 2016, around 39, 775 BMW 3 Series were sold. This iconic BMW model comes in styles such as station wagon, sedan, and Gran Turismo. It comes with turbocharged 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder engine and is linked to All-wheel drive. It also comes in as a turbocharged engine, M3 performance variant, and plug-in hybrid version. It has 14 miles of pure-eclectic driving range.
  • Lexus ES
    The cost of Lexus ES starts with under $40,000. It is compared with the full-size Toyota Avalon that gives it a large in size interior. Its engine, V-6 is standard. It offers a gas-electric hybrid powertrain as an option. A number of 33,390 Lexus ES were sold last year.
  • BMW 5 Series
    An estimated number of 23,578 BMW 5 series were sold in 2016. This midsize luxury sedan has turbocharged engines that come with 4, 6 and 8 cylinders. It runs on both rear-wheel drive and All-wheel drive. It is also available with a turbodiesel engine, in performance-massages M5 format and gas-electric hybrid drivetrain.
  • Infiniti Q50
    Infiniti Q50 sedan is bigger than the most entry level luxury sedan, however smaller than a mod-luxury model. It comes in two engine variants that are turbocharged 4-cylinder and V-6 engine and gas hybrid model. It comes in standard, sports, premium, red sports 400 trim. Improvements from the 2015 model include second-generation Direct Adaptive Steering and use of Dynamic Digital Suspension.