Nissan Altima 2017: Features and safety specs

The latest version of Nissan Altima comes with five seats, but no change is remarkable on that front. The wheelbase seems better with a great length, and that has helped to add more rear space to the car.  An interesting trivia here goes that that National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) offered some inputs to Nissan about the Altima’s front seats. Additionally, quality features make driving it a breeze and safety specifications provide adequate security. The glass comes under the fine acoustic category, and a unique drowning mechanism of sound makes the Nissan Altima a pleasant, quiet ride, with minimum engine noise.

The car has been rated with top grades and comes tagged with the Safety Pick+. Impact tests too went well with the model and showcased good security and safety measures in the vehicle design.
The stability control and the airbags are of general make, so nothing remarkable can be noted there. The highest variant offers emergency braking that is missing in the lower models.

There are many special configurations available for this edition. The basic range does not have extraordinary features that are worth mentioning. However, by putting in 400 dollars more, the S-variant comes with a superior color display for its audio as well as the proximity key. With the SR-variant, one can get a special grade suspension tuning along with alloy wheels that are upsized.  With the SV-variant, one can avail remote start for the engine as well as a blind spot monitor. The SL model proudly offers leather trimmed seats and Bose speakers.

According to THE United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the car offers 39 highway and 27 mpg city. On the sportier variant, known as the Nissan Altima SR, the car offers 37 high way and 26 mpg city range. To buy the higher variant at an affordable rate, you may look for various Nissan Altima deals online. The car can be rated as one of the top contenders from the Nissan unit.