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Microwaves – Essentials things you should know

Gone are the days when indigenous methods were used in the kitchen. Today, technology has made life so simple that you press a few buttons and things get done in an instant. One such innovation brought into the world of the appliance is the microwave. A microwave oven is designed in such a manner that it exposes food to electromagnetic waves, thereby heating and cooking it. The invention of the microwave oven has taken convenience to a different level.

Microwaves can cook food fast and that too with the use of less energy since they do not require preheating. Moreover, the food is placed on a plate which revolves slowly, ensuring even distribution of heat and radiation.The covering of the appliance is made of strong metal to prevent the electromagnetic waves from escaping. Direct exposure to these waves can be hazardous because they are very powerful.

Most of the time, you have to leave the food in the microwave for a specific duration even after the timer has beeped. This allows the internal parts of the food to get cooked through the process of conduction. There is a minimum of loss of energy within microwaves making them a highly efficient method of cooking. However, the use of excess electricity to run the appliance is a major drawback.

It is very important to note that all utensils cannot be used inside microwaves for cooking. Only specific containers labeled as ‘microwave safe’ should be utilized after careful perusal of the instructions mentioned. A dish is said to be microwave safe if it does not absorb the heat itself, rather successfully passes it on to the food item in an even manner such as in the case of round ceramic dishes. Aluminum foils and other metallic containers are strictly prohibited.

You may use a microwave cart in the kitchen if you want to indulge in modern style cooking but lack the necessary space on the counter. On the other hand, wall ovens give a contemporary feel to the kitchen, though, they are expensive. Most newly built houses having modular kitchens are equipped with wall ovens and microwave carts.