Know your SUV tire

Settling for cheap tires is probably not the best decision to make as this directly impacts your vehicle. Always opt for buying quality SUV tires that are durable as there is a lot riding on your tires.

Here are some features of a good SUV tire:

  • Pick a tire that most ably supplies the load range of your SUV, you must first find out the load range of your SUV. As SUV’s are also used to ferry around baggage and maybe even hitch a trailer, the most suitable tire for your SUV is one that can support the full load.
  • The mark of a good SUV tire is its tread wear – choose one that can give you a smooth drive.
  • Tires with low rolling resistance offer better gas mileage.

Along with keeping these qualities in mind, for optimum performance of your SUV, always change all the tires together and ensure that all four tires are of the same size.

Your SUV’s tires are unique in their own way. They differ from tires used in trucks in terms of aggression quotient. As trucks are required to carry more loads, those tires have a higher sidewall. The feature one looks for while purchasing an SUV tire is a comfortable and quiet drive. SUV’s when compared to passenger vehicles, are heavier and have either front wheel or all wheel drive. SUV’s can also be driven over a variety of terrains, based on one’s driving needs. Keeping this in mind, SUV tires have a knobbier tread pattern. This supports the ability of the vehicle to drive on any surface.

The frictional wear of a tire is directly proportional to the vehicle’s weight. As SUV’s are heavier, harder rubber compounds are used in their construction. These tires also have taller sidewalls and thicker rubber is used in the sidewalls to enhance the cornering ability of an SUV tire.

To increase the traction on a dry surface, SUV tires have squared-off tread blocks allowing the tire to gain more grip.