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Here’s how to pick between contract and prepaid cell phone plans

Before cell phone users had only a few options to choose from mobile phone plans. Now, one can easily find a plan for every calling, texting, and data need according to the budget or phone usage.

These plans broadly fall into two categories: contract plans and prepaid plans. Here are a few points comparing each of these plans to help you decide what plan suits you the best.

  • With the best prepaid cell phone plans, users don’t need to worry about any wasted minutes or data at the end of the month. You get what you pay for; nothing less or more.
  • There are some perks like music features and plans that one can get with contract plans. To get these features with the prepaid phone, the users will be required to pay more.
  • Prepaid plans offer the freedom of switching between different plans and carriers at any time as users are not bound by any contract whereas this may be difficult with contract-based plans.
  • Contract phone plans are more convenient as one does not have to bother with refilling the phone plan. Even with some of the best-prepaid cell phone plans, the talk time and data are limited to a fixed duration.
  • Users opting for a contract cell phone plan have more options when it comes to compatible phones. Apart from this, the phones with contract plans are often cheaper than the ones offered for prepaid cell phone plans.
  • Sometimes even some of the best prepaid cell phone plans do not provide good network coverage as compared to contract cell phone plans that very rarely have issues providing coverage to its users.
  • Before you opt for any one of these plans, it is essential to take into consideration the kind of cell phone usage you have.
  • Other factors to consider include budget and the phone cost.