Evolution of the Cadillac CTS sedan

The Cadillac CTS sedan was first launched in 2002 and came from the house of General Motors. It is a mid-size luxury car that comes in three body styles. It is available in the form of a two-door coupe, a four door sedan and a five door station wagon. The Cadillac CTS sedan is currently in its third generation after putting up a successful show in the past.

The first generation Cadillac CTS sedan was produced till 2007. It only came with a four door sedan body style. Also, it had a manual transmission, a first for a Cadillac. Promoting the ethos of ‘art and science’ in its design, the Cadillac CTS sedan substituted the Catera. In 2004, the CTS-V was launched. It was an athletic version of the car that gave competition to the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

2007 marked the manufacture of the Cadillac CTS sedan’ s second generation. It was released at the North American Auto Show. This car had a more a splendid appeal with a longer length. In 2008, Cadillac astonished everyone with the introduction of the CTS coupe version. It was a limited edition 2-door sedan also available in the CTS-V model. The second generation also saw the launch of the Cadillac CTS sports wagon. Its production continued till 2014.

The current generation, that is, the third generation Cadillac CTS sedan was introduced in 2013 as a 2014 model. The coupe version and the sports wagon version were discontinued. Thus, the third generation Cadillac CTS was only available as a sedan like its first generation counterpart. The Cadillac CTS sedan’s price was high, which did not go down well with the customers. Hence, to enhance the Cadillac CTS sedan’s sale, the company had to offer different financial schemes to increase sales. It subsequently lowered the price later.

The third generation Cadillac CTS sedan has been the most famous model out of all the previous versions. It comes with the most graceful interiors and impressive exteriors. It has been honored with top awards for its impressive performance. Why shift to foreign brands when one can easily rely on the new Cadillac CTS sedan for a luxurious experience?