Effectively handle every emergency with Impressa Bladder Control

Urinary Incontinence is a major issue for working women across the world. Sudden leakage problems prevent them from moving around freely and hinder their active lifestyle. However, with advances in technology, women do not need to worry anymore due to sudden leaks while at work or on vacation.

How does Impressa Bladder Control work?
Designed to manage Stress Urinary Incontinence, these bladder control products that resemble tampons, help prevent sudden leaks without the use of pads, in the most comfortable way you could ever imagine. Through intelligent monitoring and detection, the device detects whenever you are going to have a sudden leakage. On detection, the device closes the pathway for that moment.

Available in three size variables, Impressa allows women to find their best fit for the unique and comfortable experience. The quality and safe design ensure that users have no problem while wearing the device, moving around with it, or while removing it.

Why should you opt for Impressa Bladder Control device?
Impressa Bladder Control products do not absorb your leakage. Instead, they prevent urinary incontinence. After accurate insertion into your urethra, the device intelligently detects when you are going to have a sudden leakage, and it applies pressure to your pathway leading to the leakage thereby closing it for the moment. Users can lead an active and stress-free life without worrying about any absorbent or leakage problems.

Tips for using bladder control products

When you use such products for the first time, follow the instructions provided in the user manual. Here are some tips that can help you become comfortable using bladder control products:

  • At the lowest line of the grip, hold the applicator with your thumb and ring finger
  • Insert the applicator gently into your vagina until your thumb and ring finger touches your body
  • Push on the plunger until it stops
  • Remove the applicator gently

With Impressa Bladder Control device, you can forget about your bladder problems and lead a regular, active lifestyle. Enter the brand-new spectrum of incontinence-free work days.