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Don’t let the wrong daybed covers ruin your decor style

Daybeds are such wonderful options for small living spaces and also when you have to accommodate overnight guests within the limited space. You get a nice and cozy napping spot with daybeds at home; also you can be creative with them.  Daybeds can be upholstered in different patterns, fabrics, and colors to suit a modest to an ultra stylish décor setup. Use some pretty daybed covers and arrange a bunch of pillows to get that posh look. Simple daybeds can be turned into chic looking furniture if you are innovative and good at taking a cue from hotel styles or home improvement magazines.

How do you dress your daybed will depend on its design, the rest of your décor style, and your requirements or how you use it. These wonderfully versatile furniture pieces come in a variety of configurations and materials starting from metal, wood, wicker or even a combination. The material which you select to dress them up depends on your personal preferences and the way they are used. Often, metal daybeds are used for sleeping whereas their wooden counterparts are utilized as sofas for sitting, lounging, and also for napping.

The daybed covers you choose also make a lot of difference to your interior décor. You can decide between so many kinds of materials and styles. You could either go with a tailored or ready to use fitted daybed cover. Pick the right one from faux leather, cotton, velvet, linen or others in stripes, checks, solid colors and prints to go with the flow. But the most important thing to keep in mind is comfort, maintenance, and convenience.

The daybed cover material that you plan to go with could increase your shopping as well as maintenance expenses. Stick to something that’s easy to clean and is long lasting. Think about how often it is going to be used and how. Are there pets at home that could have an occasional nap on your daybed or are you planning to place it in the kids’ room? Then it’s wise to go with a darker shade and something that’s rugged, durable and unfussy.