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Advantages of MetroPCS prepaid cell phone plans

By opening a MetroPCS account, you can get access to the nationwide network, 4G LTE data speeds, and plenty of affordable plans. On MetroPCS, new phones with exciting features are available. Additionally, MetroPCS doesn’t require customer contracts, and thus customers are allowed to change their plan at any time without any fines.

MetroPCS cell phones have a major market share in the cell phone market of the country. 4G LTE data speeds enable customers to browse internet and stream media at a faster rate that is admired by most of the customers.

Their affordable ranges of prepaid plans within $30 to $60 per month offer an array of benefits to the customers. Their $30 prepaid plan is available on select devices and offers unlimited talk time and texts up to the first GB of data usage. The $60 plan has several benefits such as unlimited nationwide long distance calls, voicemail packages, unlimited texting, unlimited talk time, directory assistance and 4G LTE data speeds.

Another most significant benefit of MetroPCS is its compatibility with a number of cell phone brands such as Alcatel, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, etc.

Metro PCS offers a return policy allowing customers to return any product for a service refund or any other device. This policy is restricted to new account activations and returns that are made for non-warrantee reasons.

Thus, the company offers user-friendly plans and policies that are affordable to almost all the prepaid customers.

Prepaid plans allow us to buy minutes, texts, and data up front by funding an account. As you use the service, the subsequent amount would be deducted from your account. You can load the card whenever you need it. However, you must remember that unused service within a stipulated time phase may be lost in most of the cases. So, while choosing the plan, you should be aware of estimated use of service so that you can make the most of the prepaid account and would not face any loss as the service is not used within the stipulated period.

Thus, MetroPCS cell phones’ plans are best suited for low, optimum, and high users of services.