6 things to remember to avoid hearing loss

Hearing loss can be the result of different reasons, some of which can be easily prevented. Sometimes small changes in our daily lives can preserve our hearing ability and significantly reduce the chances of developing hearing loss at a later stage. Here are a few ways that can help you prevent hearing loss:

Avoid excessive noise
Experts agree that being in extremely noisy areas for long durations can cause perforated eardrums. Extremely loud noise, like the sound of a bomb explosion, can also puncture your eardrums and cause permanent damage. So you would do well to avoid high levels of noise for long durations.

Try to avoid buying appliances or gadgets that might cause a lot of noise, especially if you already have a highly sensitive hearing. Movie theatres, music concerts and loud music on the earphones should ideally be avoided.

Limit ambient noises
Try to be in quiet places as much as you can. You might not be able to avoid police car or ambulance sirens, but it is best to limit your exposure to the same. If you are living near a hospital or a firehouse, you should consider wearing earplugs when you sleep.

Wear noise-cancellation aid
If you wear noise-cancellation aids, the chances are that you can avoid further hearing loss. They can also protect you from loud noises. Some of the conventional and readily available aids are:

  •  Earphones: If you think that some place is too loud for you, use earphones with a foam or rubber that help in noise reduction.
  •  Earmuffs: Earmuffs can help in noise cancellation and can obstruct any loud noise from entering your ear.

In case you work at a construction site or somewhere that might cause problems to your ears, it is better to talk to your boss and ask for a job that reduces your risk of being exposed to the same. Always wear hearing protection if you are working at mining sites or and other heavy machinery sites. Hearing protection devices work, only if you use them regularly.

To protect your hearing, it’s also important that you remain alert and proactive to the condition of your ears and get them checked with an ENT regularly.