5 popular online clinical data management courses for you

A part of clinical research, clinical data management involves creating, collecting, managing, and integrating data from clinical trials. Data management courses or degrees in clinical management enables a person to work as a clinical researcher, clinical data manager, clinical research coordinator, or clinical research associate. These courses can be done online as well as offline. For those that are already employed and want to pursue further education to change careers or move ahead in their jobs, an online data management course would be more feasible.

Online clinical data management courses can be done at the undergraduate and also at the postgraduate level. A person can also do a short-term certification course in this subject. These courses usually fall under the category of health information management or clinical research. Here are 5 popular clinical data management courses that you can do online:

BS in Healthcare Administration: Offered by Kaplan University, Florida, this course covers healthcare administration, operations, and management. This online course is designed for those interested in entry-level administration jobs in the healthcare industry.

BBA in Healthcare Management: This online program is available through the American Intercontinental University. This program covers healthcare finance and healthcare information systems that include data management as well. The program also covers healthcare management and marketing practices along with covering ethical issues.

Master of Science in Health Services Administration: Offered by Strayer University, Virginia, this advanced course gives the necessary skills to work in biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, government healthcare organizations, and so on. The program extensively covers information technology specialization that revolves around clinical data management concepts.

MBA in Healthcare Administration: This postgraduate clinical data management course is offered by Abilene Christian University, Texas. This program includes courses such as healthcare accountability, innovation, and trends in healthcare, healthcare law and the future of the American health system, and so on.

Data Management for Clinical Research: Conducted by Vanderbilt University, this data management course is available on Coursera. The course covers research data collection strategies, the fundamentals of electronic data capture, and so on. This beginner’s level course does not require any prior knowledge of technology.