5 popular necklines for evening dresses


Women need different evening dresses for different occasions. One evening dress may work for a charity event but the same might not work for an evening out at the local pub with friends. Evening dresses are essential to every woman. These dresses are needed for formal affairs, parties, dinner dates, and more. Finding the perfect evening dress has various aspects attached to it, and it can be quite a task for most women.

One of the aspects for choosing an evening dress is the neckline. Different evening dresses come with varying necklines. Some of them are mentioned below.

Sweetheart neckline
For evening dresses, the sweetheart neckline is one of the most popular choices. It has a strapless design that makes the neck look longer. It is often used in bridal gowns. 

Off-the-shoulder neckline
An off-the-shoulder neckline is a great strapless alternative best suited for women with a delicate neck and a thin shoulder frame. An evening dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline sometimes features sleeves on the upper arm to partially cover the shoulders and the collarbone. This neckline is often used by designers for ballroom gowns, cocktail dresses, bright-colored maxi dresses, and more.

Portrait neckline
There are many similarities between an evening dress with a portrait neckline and an off the shoulder evening dress. While both necklines look good on most women, the latter is better suited for women who have prominent collarbones.

The V-neck is one of the elegant looking necklines for popular evening dresses.  Many evening dresses have the V-neck design in the front as well as the back.

Bateau neckline
The bateau neckline provides the evening dress an elegant yet classic Hollywood glamour look, straight out of old classics. The design of the neckline runs straight across the collarbone from shoulder to shoulder. Stylists suggest the neckline for women who have thinner arms and a straight body frame.