5 natural ways to deal with cold sore

Cold sores are painful red small blisters that occur on the sides of the lips. Not only are they irritating, but also highly unattractive. These are caused mainly by irregular and inadequate diet and sometimes even due to close or direct contact with an affected individual. After all these ages of research and improvement in medication, there are still no particular cold sore treatments.

However, there are certain natural remedies which can be implemented as part of effective cold sore treatments. These are also referred to as home remedies. Some of them are as follows:

  • Salts: One should be cautious while using salt on cold sores for the first time as it would give a tremendous burning sensation along with excruciating pain. Apply salt either in its pure form or mix it with toothpaste or lime juice. These methods help in drying up the wound quickly and even serve as a long-term treatment.
  • Neem powder: Neem (or Indian lilac) has been known for ages for its typically natural antiseptic qualities. It can be used in the powder form, and it should be applied along with rose water to get the best results. This is one on the most recommended cold sore treatments.
  • Aloe vera and turmeric: Aloe vera in gel form when mixed along with turmeric powder forms a very fine and slimy paste that can be applied on the cold sore to see an instant reaction.
  • Tea: Using a tea bag for a cold compress has positive effects in getting rid of the redness caused by cold sore blisters.
  • Milk: Cold compress with the help of frozen milk cubes have a positive healing effect as the milk soothes the blisters.

Use these home-based natural treatments to get relief from cold sores and alleviate the pain.