4 things you should know before using inkjet printers

Inkjet printers use inkjet technology for printing. This technology involves ionized ink being sprayed onto papers. This ink is directed towards the paper using magnetic plates.

Inkjet printers were the only choice of printers till the introduction of laser color printers. However, these are still used by homes and businesses as the cost of inkjet printers are cheaper than contemporary ones.

One of the best advantages of such printers is their cost. Before using an inkjet printer there are certain things you should know about them:

  • Smeared and smudged ink: The print quality of pages produced from an inkjet printer is not as great as the contemporary laser color printer. The ink from these printers tends to smudge and smear if not dried properly or when it comes in contact with moisture. Smeared and smudged ink will ruin the overall appearance of your documents. This may be the case with portable inkjet printers as well.
  • Slow printing: Inkjet printers are not very efficient when it comes to printing large volumes within a short time. These take longer and can only support small volumes. This is why a lot of homes and small-scale businesses opt for a laser color printer or any other kind over the traditional inkjet printers.
  • Maintenance: The toner cartridges for an inkjet printer tend to dry run out fast and require regular replacement if the printer is often used. This disadvantage is inconvenient and also incurs a maintenance expense from time to time. These cartridges also require to be cleaned now and then.
  • Need for a high-grade paper: As compared to other contemporary printers like the laser color printer, inkjet printers offer their best only with high-grade paper. Using paper of a lower grade can spoil the print or the paper. This only increases the cost of having an inkjet printer.

Whether you opt for a laser color printer or an inkjet one, it will depend on your usage. While it may not be ideal for your professional printing needs, it may be suitable for homes where you don’t need to use the printer frequently.