4 handy tips to clean your cat’s litter box

One of the traits that make cats the desired pet is their need for cleanliness. Have you noticed how incessantly your cat cleans itself after using the litter box or even when you touch them? That’s because they like being clean and living in clean surroundings. Like everything that needs cleaning, your cat’s litter box is not an exception. Cats aren’t keen on using a stinking litter box and will soon find some other place to defecate.

Cleaning the cat litter box is a risky business, and many of us adopt completely wrong methods to clean the cat litter box. Here are some safe ways to clean the cat litter box.

  • Use protective gear – Usually, people simply scoop the clumps from the cat litter box and change the litter. However, we often neglect our safety while doing so. You need to wear gloves and a mask while cleaning the cat litter box since the cat litter box is where hordes of parasites and bacteria dwell. To prevent the litter from coming in direct contact with your skin, wear gloves and a mask while cleaning the cat litter box.
  • Clean it daily – Everyone likes using a clean washroom and so do your cats. Ensure that you clean the cat litter box daily; scoop out the droppings and clumps at least once in a day. Moreover, after you finish scooping the droppings, put them in a sealed bag and dispose of outdoors.
  • Changing the litter – Simply scooping the droppings and the clumps will not keep the cat litter box clean. Sooner or later, it will start stinking. So, add new litter to the cat litter box every two to three days. If you do not change the litter, you can expect your cat to use one of the nooks and corners of your home.
  • Washing it weekly – Once a week, you need to throw away the entire litter and wash the cat litter box. Use gloves and a mask while discarding the litter, and after that, wash the cat litter box. For this purpose, you will have to use a mild, non-scented detergent, since strong, flowery or other scents can irritate your cat, and it might not use the cat litter box.