4 cool apps that provide English classes

English is a language that is easy to learn and can also be convoluted at times. Learning English opens up new vistas for a person. Being one of the most-spoken languages globally, English is the medium through which a majority of the world today communicates. Businesses across the collaborate and communicate through English. It is not only useful to learn the basics of the language; a person has to know the intricacies of the English language to communicate effectively.

Whether you are preparing for the IELTS test or want to enhance your English language skills, you can take up English classes from your mobile device, a smart phone, or a tablet. There are many apps available that offer English classes to learners who want to master the language on-the-go. Here are 5 popular apps that provide English classes:

Duolingo: Available for Android, iOS, as well as Windows, this language learning app has a game-like platform that makes it quite interesting to learn English. The app has vocabulary, written lessons, as well as dictations that can be practiced as and when you want to.

HiNative: This is a more of a communication platform than an English class app. Based on a question-answer format, this app connects non-native speakers with native speakers. It is a community through which you can communicate with other users and get your language and cultural queries answered.

Memrise: Based on a flash card format, this app lets you customize your courses. It also has a feature that lets users compete with their friends to make learning English more fun and interesting.

Babbel: This app is similar to Duolingo. This app has features that help to understand, speak, and write English well. The app lets users set goals as their learning progresses. Babbel uses a combination of repetitive phrases and asks learners to complete phrases as part of the learning process.

Rosetta Stone: Available for iOS, Android, and Windows, this free app teaches a new language in the new language. With exercises that help to learn basic words, phrases, and sentences, this app has an immersive method that teaches English quite effectively.