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3 things you can do with the latest Windows laptop

Laptops and notebooks that have Windows as their operating system are quite popular, and there has been a lot of debate about the new features that the latest versions (this includes notebooks and laptops with Windows 7, 8 and 10) of the operating system bring to consumers.

As with all other new offerings, there are certain things that notebooks or laptops with Windows (7, 8, and 10) allow you to do, some of which may not have been possible in previous versions.

Hidden features and tricks of laptops with Windows (7,8, and 10)
You may or may not be aware of these features, so here is a quick look at some of the fun features and tricks that you can enjoy in your notebook or laptop:

  • Streaming Xbox One games: While this may not be a very innovative idea, it certainly is a great advantage for those who love gaming. Just connect the Xbox app to your console, attach the controller to the computer, launch games, and select whatever you want to play on laptops with Windows (7,8, and 10). This is not all; you can also access the full Xbox One dashboard.
  • Work with multiple desktops: Multi-taskers will have their work made a little easier with this feature, as you can choose to add new virtual desktops on laptops with Windows. The new Task View pane is where you can set this up and have more than one desktop to carry on different tasks. Switching between the various desktops also is easy, and you can even move a particular window between your desktops.
  • Schedule updates according to your convenience: If you are using laptops with Windows OS, you do not have to fear sudden updates taking over your device when you are buried in an important task. You can set your laptop to schedule updates, both present and future ones. ‘Start > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update’ is the way to do this, so you know that the device will be updated only at a convenient time.

Like with any other gadget, there is more than what meets the eye to laptops with Windows OS. The features mentioned above are just a few of the fun things that you can do with your latest notebook or laptop.